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"It's a wonderful place with great teachers!"

– Lara Duarte, Parent

Our Story


Michelle Jacques founds Kindermusik Cambridge, a music school providing group classes to students from ages 0-7.


Richard & Valerie L'Abbe start Queen Street Music School in their home, teaching students from ages 5 and up. The school has now taught over 1000 students.


Queen Street Music School moves to 27 Queen Street East.


Michelle Jacques passes Kindermusik Cambridge on to the L'Abbes.


Richard & Valerie decide to move back into a house for their family. They decide it may also be time to pass on the businesses.


Long-time QSM instructor, Dylan Langan, becomes the new owner. The two businesses are combined into one – Queen Street Music School. The business gets a new home in Hespeler, at 25 Sheffield Street.

Queen Street Music (QSM) is a community-driven school focusing on creativity and quality education for students of all ages. We've been enriching the lives of our students for over 34 years.

We are known in the community for our care for and dedication to our students .

We can often be found at community events, and have been fortunate to have the support of this community.

We look forward to many more years of helping our students succeed.

"You have acquired all the best of the best Instructors for your school. Well done, in selecting this exceptionally well-qualified, humble team to be a part of your music school. "

– Indra P.

"QSM helped me discover my passion for teaching music. We have fostered such a welcoming environment over the years and I am proud to be a part of our community!"

Zach Daza, QSM Instructor

Our Staff

We retain incredible students year after year because of the quality of our instructors.

Scott Butler


"Dan has learned so much in his lessons with Scott! He really enjoys the time he spends at the studio, and we can't say enough about how awesome the school is."

– Sarah, Parent

Scott began learning music as a young child, with piano lessons at QSM at five years old! He’s now been teaching at QSM for one year, and plays and teaches his students in the Royal Conservatory methods. He enjoys playing in street performances, talent shows, and other Hespeler community events.

As music has been a huge part of his life, he values getting to contribute to the music community, and build a welcoming and friendly environment. Through teaching, he’s discovered a new interest in leadership and an appreciation for the positive impact that music can have on anyone, even beginners! 

Scott finds beauty and satisfaction in music, regardless of where it comes from — be it a film, game, or the radio. When he’s not focused on learning French or practicing a new song on piano, you might find him playing video games or exploring his interests in science and math.

Scott teaches: Piano & Guitar

Jan Holt

Instructor & Musical Safari Guide

"Jan is just fantastic with children - her enjoyment and her energy come through so clearly. I thought it was the best class my son had ever been to."

– Charlotte, Parent

Jan has been a teacher for over 30 years, and during that time she's taught students of all ages in Canada and the UK. She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and Exeter University. Throughout her career, she’s focused on creating a playful and inviting atmosphere for anybody to explore music.

After starting her career as a Kindermusik instructor during our beginnings as Kindermusik Cambridge, she moved to the UK with her husband to start their own Kindermusik Studio. After 23 years of operation, Jan returned to Canada in 2021 and joined the QSM team once again, teaching private lessons and leading our Musical Safari program!

As a mother of four, Jan loves to connect with families through music and creativity. She is passionate about giving her students the confidence to grow. In the community, she’s had the privilege of playing leading roles in Musical Theatre productions in Canada and the USA

Jan teaches: Piano, Voice, & Guitar.

Hannah Guenther


"Our three girls have become little lovers of music. Hannah has been not only their first teacher of piano and vocals, but an amazing role model as well. She is professional, excellent at her craft, as well as very considerate to each child’s learnings and strengths."

– Jenn & Mark, Parents

Music has always been a big part of Hannah's life. From singing loudly in kindergarten, to starting to learn piano and voice from eight years old, she has inserted herself into the music community whenever she can. She’s had the opportunity to sing for hockey games, graduations, K-pop conventions, and musicals. Hannah is a recipient of the Bev Fraser Music Scholarship and National Association of Teachers of Singing Scholarship.

Hannah is now in her second year of teaching at QSM, and is currently studying Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University, focusing on Voice with a minor in Education. She enjoys teaching musical theatre and various forms of pop music, and is working towards becoming an elementary school music teacher. 

She loves working with children and enjoys leading them through an educational lens in her role at QSM and her position at YWCA child care. Hannah believes that planting the seed of love for music is one of the most important steps in a child's life.

Hannah teaches: Voice & Piano.

Amy Lightfoot

Instructor & Musical Safari Guide

"Thanks to Amy for being an awesome, fun-loving, passionate, and simply irreplaceable instructor."

– Julia T., Parent

Amy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to create music, as it allows people to explore humanity in a unique way. Amy's musical journey began by seeing her family singing in choirs, and then joining a choir herself. Growing up and as an adult, she sang and played in a variety of performances such as musicals, choral concerts in Ottawa, and symphonies.

Now, Amy is a multi-instrumentalist and has been teaching music at QSM for nearly 10 years. She loves to teach beginner piano, and enjoys leading our Musical Safari program. She has led local youth bands and volunteered with music programs at local public schools. 

Amy strives to teach others how to appreciate music and its ability to express emotion, depth, and even memories. Sharing in the like-minded atmosphere of the music community with friends, family, and peers is one of the great joys of her life.

Amy teaches: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, & Saxophone

Liam Burke


"Liam is really amazing with my girls, he's so patient with them and is really good at keeping them engaged during the lesson. My girls aren't very easy students, but Liam is really good at adapting his lessons to get the job done. We're so happy with this arrangement!"

– Steph D., Parent

Liam has been playing music for as long as he can remember, and at six years old began singing in choir. He started learning the piano at the age of nine and soon after began focusing on low brass instruments, including the tuba. In high school, he even co-created and led a pop band! 

He has developed a strong sense of community from volunteering at music festivals, performing in musicals, and participating in OELC Music Leadership Camp. He plays in the Cambridge Youth Symphony Orchestra, and is a Grade Seven RCM pianist.

Teaching at QSM for almost six years now, Liam is a passionate instructor who is fluent in both French and English. In addition to instructing in the Faber, Hal Leonard, and Royal Conservatory methods, he works hard to ensure his students can also develop their confidence and love for music.

Liam teaches: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, & Drums.

Vanessa De Freitas


"My son Artyom's been taking piano with Vanessa for six years now! She has not only sparked a passion in playing piano skillfully but also as gone above and beyond duty to encourage Artyom to have the confidence to play in the community and audition!"

– Patty D., Parent

Vanessa has been singing since she was little, was playing piano at the age of five, then added voice and flute to her repertoire by 12. At this age, she was taught by local musician Allison Lupton, who encouraged her to keep pursuing music and discover her own love for teaching.

Now, Vanessa has been teaching for 18 years and is classically trained in both voice and piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music. She also holds degrees & diplomas in Vocal Music from McMaster University and Mohawk College. 

Vanessa loves sharing her passion for music with her students, teaching them about music’s ability to heal, bring people together, and even create new neural-pathways in the brain. She truly enjoys performing in groups, including the KW Philharmonic Youth Choir and Symphony, The Roanoke Opera, Kitchener Waterloo Musical Productions, and Lost and Found Theatre.

Vanessa teaches: Voice & Piano.

Zach Daza

Instructor & Manager (Hespeler)

"Zach and Queen Street Music have been my motivation for years and inspire my passion for music."

– Dan, Current Student

Zach loves to share his passion for music with the community. Through teaching, he shows his students music’s capacity to create connection and understanding. He enjoys writing music and exploring musical history, and finds it incredibly rewarding to help others find their own love of music.

Zach has played guitar since he was nine years old, and as a young adult, he played the piano and bassoon in several operas. These days, Zach is the principal conductor of the Fuse Opera Orchestra and plays nine instruments. He enjoys studying advanced piano pieces and learning new instruments, like the violin. 

Zach has been teaching at QSM for eight years, and in July 2022 he became the new Manager of our Hespeler studio! He is an RCM Licentiate-level pianist and is also passionate about learning new languages. He currently teaches in Russian and English, and is learning Japanese and French.

Zach teaches: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Clarinet, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, & Accordion.

Dylan Langan

Instructor & Owner

"When I started guitar with Dylan, I was incredibly nervous (as most kids are starting something new). Dylan was able to work so well with me and made me feel welcome. After 5 years of lessons, there is no one I'd recommend more than Dylan."

– Marko S., Former Student

Dylan is a versatile musician and teacher who helps create opportunities for people to explore their own creativity. Ever since his father started to teach him guitar as a kid, he’s enjoyed exploring and writing a wide variety of music. He’s performed original music at rock shows and night clubs, sang at opera houses in Italy, and conducted the Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Vera Causa Opera Orchestra.

Dylan has been teaching at QSM for eight years now, and in July 2021 he had the privilege of becoming the new owner of the school. Dylan loves teaching in both French and English to help students of all ages pursue their unique interests in music. He is a recipient of the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers and the Bernice Adams Memorial Award.

Dylan is involved in the inter-arts community as the Founder and Executive Director of Fuse, creating arts experiences for everyone from young families to professional artists. He also founded Autopylot to help other business owners reduce their workloads with custom-coded automations and applications.

Dylan teaches: Piano, Guitar, Voice, & Drums.

Breanna Lalonde


Brea’s journey with the arts began as a kid, exploring her creative side through various activities such as singing lessons, painting, dance, talent shows, and most of all, writing. While attending Conestoga College for Public Relations and Marketing programs, she found herself constantly drawn to the arts and ever since has looked for opportunities to use her skills to support the community.

Over the past five years, she has worked in various marketing roles, and volunteered with Fuse on marketing and events for the arts community. In 2021, she became a full-time freelancer and started her own business, Ever Bloom, helping other entrepreneurs and artists grow their brand through their marketing.

Since becoming a part of the QSM team in Fall 2021, Brea has helped share our story by capturing photos of the QSM community and creating content for our social media, website, and more. She loves working on writing and messaging, but also enjoys flexing her creativity with graphic design, brand strategy, and event management!

"Queen Street Music a community of amazing families and instructors."

Richard L'Abbe

Founder, QSM

"Couldn't be more proud of our students and our staff. It's a privilege to work here."

Dylan Langan

Owner, QSM

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