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Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions have been designed to help maintain a sustainable service,

safeguard the well-being of our employees, and simplify your experience at QSM.

1. Missed Sessions 

Queen Street Music School retains both excellent families and instructors. Due to full schedules of both parties, it is not possible to reschedule lessons and group programs. As you have a reserved a spot on a certain day & time, the instructor is compensated for that time on a weekly basis.  


No reschedules or makeup lessons are available for student absences for any of our programs. 

If an instructor is unavailable for a session, a substitute instructor will teach the session.

By default, QSM will remain open for in-person services on days of inclement weather – including when elementary/high schools are closed – or other calamities.

If you cannot make it in-person for your session, your session will be provided online through a video chat service.

If one of our locations is forced to close, your session will still be provided online through a video chat service.

1a. Private Lessons

If a substitute instructor cannot be found, Queen Street Music School reserves the last two weeks of June for up to 2 makeup lessons due to instructor absence. 

These lessons take place on the same day and time as the regularly-scheduled lessons.

These makeup lessons due to instructor absence must occur within the last two weeks of June at the assigned day and time. No other days/times or reschedules are available.

In the unlikely event that an instructor has more than 2 absences without a substitute:

  • If the family is paying monthly, their account will be credited to reflect the unfulfilled lessons.
  • If the family has prepaid for the year, their account will be credited to reflect the unfulfilled lessons.

1a. Musical Safari & Group Programs (hereinafter referred as Group Programs)

If a substitute cannot be found for a class, that session will be cancelled and you will be refunded.

2. Program Frequency

Programs are available on a weekly basis at the assigned day(s) & time(s) provided to you during registration. 

Lessons do not occur on statutory calendar holidays such as Labour Day, Family Day, etc. 

No makeup lessons or monies are owed for these dates since they are included in the fee structure.

Queen Street Music School has scheduled holiday breaks, incluing:

  • 2 full weeks at the end of December
  • 1 Monday to Friday in March (March Break)
  • Easter Weekend in April (Friday through to and including Monday)
  • 1 full week at the end of August leading into September

These break periods are incorporated into the fee structure – no lessons will occur during these periods and no makeup lessons or monies are owed for these dates. 

Please take note of these dates for future reference.

2a. Private Lessons 

Switching lesson days/times mid-year is unlikely given full schedules.

When registering a time slot, it is important to ensure it can work for the entirety of the school year. 


Lessons may not be rescheduled as per 1. Missed Sessions


If the student is taking lessons at QSM Hespeler or Online, then lessons occur year-round.

If you do not opt out, lessons will continue in the 2 aforementioned summer months.

If the student is taking lessons at different location than mentioned above or the family has prepaid for September – June, then by default there are no scheduled summer lessons (July & August).

Regardless of the above choice, students are automatically re-enrolled for the following September, unless the student withdraws (see 4. Unenrolment).

Their lessons resume the following September, the day after Labour Day, at the previously-assigned day, time, and location.

If you require a different day, time, or location for the following September, you may submit a time-change request at the end of August (a link will be provided to you closer to that time).

Opting in or out of Summer Lessons may be done via the QSM Portal.

2b. Musical Safari & Group Programs (hereinafter referred to as Group Programs)

Switching classes mid-year is not guaranteed.

When registering for a class, it is important to ensure it can work for the entire duration of the group program.


Group Programs may not be rescheduled as per 1. Missed Sessions


Classes run weekly for the period specified on our website. The total number of weeks varies between programs.

Unlike Private Lessons, students partaking in Group Programs are not automatically re-enrolled at the end of a year.

If you would like to continue with another group program, login to the QSM Portal and add your desired program.

You may also enrol the student in Private Lessons via the QSM Portal.

3. Fee Structure 

Queen Street Music School offers its services at a fixed monthly rate. All transactions are accompanied by a detailed email receipt.


This rate is derived from the total cost of sessions remaining in the year/program, divided evenly over the number of months available. 

Some months will have greater or fewer sessions, but on average it is 4 sessions per month.

The pricing is the same regardless of how many services occur within the month.

This model is less expensive to the QSM Family than a per-session fee structure, and it offers convenience with budgeting. 

Fees are withdrawn on the first day of each month until student withdrawal.

When joining mid-month, it is $26 per session remaining in the month.

This amount is charged on the date of registration, and the monthly payments begin on the first day of the next full month. 

Refunds are only available in the case that:

Private Lessons

  • an instructor accrues more than 2 un-covered/no-substitute-instructor absences
  • the instructor is unable to fulfil the instructor absence makeups at the end of June due to the fault of QSM (such as external school closure or instructor absence).

Musical Safari/Group Programs

  • there is no available instructor for a Musical Safari/Group Program and the class that week is cancelled as result.

3a. Private Lessons

Fees are not withdrawn during July & August if the student has opted out of summer lessons.

Lessons at external schools such as Cardinal Léger and Mère Élisabeth Bruyère receive an account credit in the event of unanticipated PD Days etc.

4. Unenrolment 

Unenrolment from Queen Street Music School can only be completed via the QSM Portal.

At least two weeks’ notice is required to process unenrolment. Payments will stop two weeks after the form is submitted. Please plan your withdrawal accordingly.

Families must complete the online form to process unenrolment. Email notification is not sufficient.

5. Zero Tolerance for Bullying, Harassment, & Workplace Violence

For over three decades, Queen Street Music School (QSM) has been proud to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for students, staff, and their families. Everyone at QSM is to be treated with dignity and respect.

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to Bullying, Harassment, and Workplace Violence.

If any party is guilty of any of the above, they will be immediately dismissed from the premises and their registration will be revoked.

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