Jennifer M – Kindermusik Parent
On a personal note, I wanted to share with you what my feedback was about the class. My son hasn’t really loved anything music or group singing in general lately. He likes singing at home with me but if we ever try to have a circle time at a program he gets upset. My husband was there today and I expected the two of them would have to walk around the venue during the circle time. But guess what? My son sat through the whole thing and LOVED it! Julia was such a natural and very engaging with the children! He was hanging off every last word she spoke and sang 🙂 He even tried to join in some of the songs- even the ones he didn’t know! This really speaks volumes to the talent of your staff! I was very impressed and I will personally consider signing him up because we all had such a great time.

Indra P – Queen Street Music Parent
Instructors are the key to a child’s success in any sort of Education. Not any Instructors, but instructors who are passionate, patient, fun-loving, positive, knowledged and result-oriented. These are the kind of Instructors I see at Queen Street Music.

Andy : Guitar Instructor
I moved from Toronto to Cambridge 4 months ago, fitting in was difficult, moreover, I had to find a piano and a guitar instructor for my son. He was
reluctant to continue with either piano or the guitar reason being that he missed his music instructors in Toronto. It was a challenge for me as a parent. I want him to continue and not give up as he has been playing piano for 6 years and guitar 1 year. I googled and found Queen Street Music and went to the school to meet the owner of the school Richard. I told Richard my concern about my son who wants to choose an Instructor fit for him to continue with playing piano and guitar. Richard interviewed my son, and immediately paired my son with an Instructor deem suitable for my son. Andy, is an awesome instructor, full of enthusiasm, fun-loving, experienced and kids oriented. He was able to jive with my son and made my son extremely comfortable. My son was up in running with Andy till this day. Not only did Andy made my son comfortable, he built the confidence in my son. Andy has kept to his goals for my son and provides continuous feedback on my son’s progress at the end of each lesson. This is the one thing I admire in all the instructors at Queen Street Music, all instructors provide timely and constructive feedback to all parents which is an essential part of child’s development in music. I am just simply contented and blessed to have Andy as my son’s guitar Instructor. Andy is definitely an asset to Queen Street Music School.

Emily: Piano Instructor
Emily is an extraordinary person who is calm and relaxed when teaching kids. She makes my son confident with her calm nature. My son gains confidence to speak up where she listens to him more. Emily adjusts in accordance to his ability and moves at the pace deem reasonable for him. She allows my son to improve and move up at his own capability and there is no room for stress. Emily provides written notes to my son on what has been taught for each lesson and what homework has to be done for the following class. Including notes as feedback to guide me on how to support my son at home in terms of practicing. She will write down the time needed for each piece to complete. For example, written work (10 minutes), playing (10 minutes) etc. This exactly shows me how long my son should be spending time on the piano. She also goes the extra mile to provide me with a checklist, for the work to be done prior a class. This makes her so unique. She is an exemplary Instructor at Queen Street Music School.

Amy: Kindermusik Instructor
Amy is a Kindermusik Instructor at Queen Street Music School. She teaches kindermusik for my 4 year old. I adore and admire her the way she conducts the kiddy class. She is well liked by all the kids in her class including my daughter Maya. Amy, is full of experience and knowledge. She knows exactly how to encourage kids’ participation in class with the rhythm, sound, music and dance. She engages the kids for 45 minutes every class. Maya enjoys Amy as she gives individual attention to her, and gets her to identify the type of music to the type of instruments and the pace the music is being played, not forgetting the movement. I have not seen any class for as little as 4 year old with this much of intensity. Amy gets the kids to listen to some music, kids identify the name of the instrument played, and they have to describe the speed and the nature of the music. For example; the music is fast, the music is loud, the music getting louder or softer and they got to learn big vocabulary words relating to music. “Crescendo” / “Decrescendo”. I think this is an excellent exposure for any child.. Overall, kindermusik, led by Amy is a big success as I feel, Maya has learned to listen, differentiate instruments with the sounds and move/clap according to the rhythm. She has learned more in Kindermusik than in Kindergarten. On top of all this, there is also an online tutorial as a reinforcement at home for the kids. This is an online platform which has music games and videos pertaining to each topic learnt in class. Parents could go through with their kids at home and answer questions together with their kids. I think this is a brilliant learning experience for both parent and a child. Thanks to Amy for being an awesome fun-loving, passionate instructor and an irreplaceable instructor for Kindermusik Cambridge.

On the whole, Richard you have acquired all the best of the best Instructors for your school. Well done, in selecting these exceptionally well qualified, humble team to be a part of your music school. There is no doubt that people will flock to your school just to be taught by these wonderful team of Instructors. Once again thank you Richard, for being a family oriented Music school in the neighbourhood of Cambridge

Melanie M.
One of the best memories of our Christmas last year was the start to the season with the concert. It’s now becoming our annual tradition. Thank you for all the effort you have put into organizing the event.

Lara Duarte
It is a wonderful place with great teachers!

We’ve been involved with Kindermusik a long time, almost 13 years with various of our 4 children. Your class has definitely been a high point! I wholeheartedly recommend your classes to any and all.

Bridget Jensen
This is a fantastic program!!

Lara Duarte
It is a wonderful place with great teachers!

Michael Pittford
The staff at QSM were very knowledgeable and were great to work with. I would highly suggest checking out QSM for music lessons.